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All the information you need to start hosting and managning your instances with Witchly at one place.

How to make a server?

Start by heading over to our Dashboard where you will be greeted with a screen like this. Click on “Sign in with Discord” and authorise your account to our Discord bot. Congrats! You have signed up to our hosting service and you will see a page like below. To create a server, navigate to the […]

How to make a server?

MistyMC Network

MistyMC Minecraft Network (Cracked 1.7x-1.20x) Welcome to MistyMC Network! Our dedicated team is committed to delivering top-tier mini-games with unparalleled quality. Currently, in release, we offer five exhilarating GameModes. At MistyMC, we uphold the Minecraft EULA with utmost seriousness, ensuring a non-Pay2Win environment. Our aim is to cultivate a vibrant and enjoyable community! ÔÇó ­čĄľ

MistyMC Network

Valorant Keychain

Attention to all Valorant gamers in India! Ready to add a touch of exclusivity to your collection? Introducing the ultra-rare Riot Gun Buddy Keychains, inspired by Valorant! Just like earning that elusive Gun Buddy in-game, these keychains are super rare and not available just anywhere. You know you’ve got something special when you sport one

Valorant Keychain


FAQs about the AFK app Does the AFK app mine crypto on my PC? No! It is not a crypto miner. Is it a virus? Again no! If your anti-virus is flagging it, it’s a false flag. Apparently Windows Defender is flagging the app for some people, I will look into resolving it but for

AFK APP


Is the hosting 24/7? Yes, the hosting is operational 24/7 unless we face a downtime. What kind of hosting do you provide? We provide hosting for Minecraft Servers (Java, Bedrock, and Proxy), VoiceServers, and Bot Hosting. How do I get started? Head over to this page and you will find everything you’ll ever need. I

FAQs


What are Witchly coins? Witchly coins are a form of currency used within the Witchly free tier. Do I have to pay for coins? No. Witchly coins are free for everyone to earn. How can I earn Witchly coins? You can earn Witchly coins by going over to the “Earn Coins” section in the sidebar

Coins

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