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Create your free instance by following these simple steps.


Creating an instance

Head to our Client Portal, login with your Discord account and authorize our bot. You will see that our website generated you a password, keep it somewhere safe, we would need it in the next step. On the left sidebar, click on create server, enter your instance name, CPU, RAM and DISK (In MB) and hit create and BAM! You made your first instance with us!

Logging into the Control Panel

As you just created an instance, now lets boot it up! To do so head to our Control Panel and login to it, the email would be the email which you gave for your Discord account and the password would be the one that our website generated in the above step. And done! You logged into your very own account at our Control Panel.

Starting and setting up your instance

Now as you just logged into the Control Panel you will already see your instance right Infront of you, click it. Now you will see you've got more options to control your server. Hit the start button on your left and select what you want your instance to be i.e. Minecraft Java, Minecraft Bedrock, Discord Bots and more by typing in the respective numbers on the console, once its done GG, that's all it takes to host your instance with us! Happy Hosting.


Interested in purchasing a Paid Plan? Check out our cheap and affordable plans here. To purchase one, open a ticket in our Discord Server



Per Month

  • 1 Shared vCore

  • 2 GB Ram

  • 4 GB SSD Storage

  • Unlimited Player Slots

  • 24/7 Online
Paid Plan - 1


Per Month

  • 2 Shared vCores

  • 4 GB Ram

  • 8 GB SSD Storage

  • Unlimited Player Slots

  • 24/7 Online
Paid Plan - 2


Per Month

  • 4 Shared vCores

  • 8 GB Ram

  • 16 GB SSD Storage

  • Unlimited Player Slots

  • 24/7 Online
Paid Plan - 3 


Per Month

  • 6 Shared vCores

  • 12 GB Ram

  • 24 GB SSD Storage

  • Unlimited Player Slots

  • 24/7 Online

  • Free TCP Shield Setup
Paid Plan - 4


Per Month

  • 8 Shared vCores

  • 16 GB Ram

  • 32 GB SSD Storage

  • Unlimited Player Slots

  • 24/7 Online

  • Free TCP Shield Setup
Custom Plan


Per Month

  • ? Shared vCores

  • ? GB Ram

  • ? GB SSD Storage

  • Unlimited Slots

  • 24/7 Online

  • Free TCP Shield Setup

Servers Hosted

500+ instances are hosted with Witchly!


700+ users trust and host their instances with us!


If you somehow feel stuck and require assistance, our staff team is ready to help you at at any time!

How do I access my server files using SFTP?

Firstly, you will be needing to download the software WinSCP/FileZilla as that is the most recommended SFTP client to connect with your SFTP configuration (but you can always use any other SFTP client that also works)! Once you have opened the software, you will be needing to choose the SFTP method for logging in and then back to the game panel SFTP configuration page. You then will copy the information to your client and the password would be the same as your control-panel's account.

When logged in to your server's SFTP, you will be able to upload folders & premade servers without any issues!

I want to make a custom IP for my mc server! How can I do that?

First, get a domain from somewhere (any active registrars), if you want a free domain, get it from Freenom.com. Second, create a Cloudflare account and set your domains nameservers to whatever Cloudflare tells you to. Wait until nameservers are verified, and then go to the DNS tab of your domain on Cloudflare, and create an SRV record with whatever you want for name, set service to _minecraft , Set Priority to 5, Weight to 0, Port to the MC server port shown on your server page, and target to the domain of the node you are on, aka if you are on Redstone servers, put the target as redstone.mcworld.cc. Third, make sure to click save, make sure your mc server is on, and then test out your new custom domain to see if it works (Note: This custom domain tutorial only works for Java edition MC servers)

Server Version

Go to File Manager via control panel, locate server.jar and delete it. Then go to the console tab, start the server and choose what version you would like your server to be.

How do I access my live server console?

Start by going to your game control panel and login with your details from the client. Then click on the server that you want to access your console with and you will be able to send commands and more! Make sure you do not try sending a command with a / otherwise the command will not run and will say it is unknown.

How do I get my server's IP address for my friends to join?

Once you setup your server, go to your game control panel and click on the server you want to get the address of. Then you will be able to see the statistics of your server where it says under your server's name.

Below where it says your subdomain address, you can click on it and it will automatically copy it for you. It should look like this: free1.witchly.host:6969 as a example. Then you will be able to join in-game.

How to install plugins on Minecraft Java Servers?

Download any required plugins from https://spigot.org or https://bukkit.org, you will be prompted to download a .jar file, after downloading the .jar file, upload the jar file into the plugins directory by going to file manager in our control panel. Drag and dro pthe plugin and reboot your server. The plugin will be successfully installed. (Note: Some plugins might need additional configuration in order to function properly).

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