What are Witchly coins?

Witchly coins are a form of currency used within the Witchly free tier.

Do I have to pay for coins?

No. Witchly coins are free for everyone to earn.

How can I earn Witchly coins?

You can earn Witchly coins by going over to the “Earn Coins” section in the sidebar and keeping the site open. By doing this, you earn 1 coin every 5 minutes.

Is that the only way I can earn coins?

No. You can download our very own custom-made AFK app which runs in the background of your PC and earns coins for you. You can download this app from our GitHub page which is linked directly to the “Earn Coins” page.

This app is not a crypto miner, nor is harmful to your PC, the app is very safe and does not affect the performance of your computer. The app is currently available for Windows only, Linux and Android distributions are under development.

What do I do after downloading the AFK app?

Once you download the setup.exe file, just double-click it and install it. When you run the installer, Windows may warn you that the app is not signed so the publisher is unknown. Click “More Info” > “Run Anyway”.

After installing, you will be prompted to log in to the app by authorizing your Discord account. After doing so you will see a dialogue box as such. From now on, the app will run in the background as soon as your PC boots into Windows, you need not worry about opening the app every time.

What do I do with coins?

With Witchly coins, you can purchase additional CPU, RAM, DISK, and Server slots for your account to be allocated to your servers by heading over to the “Purchase Resources” tab.

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