FAQs about the AFK app

Does the AFK app mine crypto on my PC?

No! It is not a crypto miner.

Is it a virus?

Again no! If your anti-virus is flagging it, it’s a false flag. Apparently Windows Defender is flagging the app for some people, I will look into resolving it but for now, just click allow on the app. All antiviruses are far from perfect and they provide guidance on viruses, it doesn’t mean everything they flag is a virus!

So what does the AFK app do?

The AFK app shares a bit of your internet, it only makes around one web request every few minutes so you will notice no impact on your network speeds.

Why did the AFK app start flagging my anti-virus after the update?

The code before and after the update is the same, the only difference is I made the app come with all executables bundled in the installer. This meant fewer errors for users but anti-viruses don’t seem to like this approach.

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