Witchly Premium

Experience elevated privileges and better performance from the free plans with included benefits listed below. 

Premium features


24/7 guaranteed uptime with minimal to no downtimes at all (Maintenance excluded). 


Get access to the premium only dashboard and panel and stay isolated from the free plan.


Receive a custom role which bypasses slow-mode in all channels and seek to ability to control your servers from our discord server


Get rid of advertisements from our website and enjoy an ad-free experience while hosting your instances.

Dedicated hardware

Receive access to the premium-only nodes which are optimized to perform the best, giving you the best experience while hosting your servers.

Schedules & backups

Premium users are now allowed to schedule tasks on their servers and use the backup option to store all server backups in the cloud than downloading it manually.

Premium plans

Ready to purchase a plan yet? Choose a plan below, head to our Discord Server and open a ticket, we can hook you up with a premium server at the earliest!